Where there is goodness, there is Magic Morning

I love Magic Morning. As awful as it is to wake up at 5 a.m. when I am already exhausted, once I get to the park and get a shot of adrenaline I remember how it is so worth it. If you aren’t in on this not-so-well-kept secret, Magic Morning comes with different park hopper passes that allow you to get into the parks an hour before they actually open! Don’t be deceived by the seemingly long lines when you arrive, once everyone disperses into the park you basically can walk on any ride of your choice.

Magic Morning may also be one of the wasted experiences many people have. I can’t count the number of times my family has been too exhausted to get up and make it to the park for that early morning run. Don’t hit snooze like us! But even if you actually do roll out of bed and get your coffee-deprived self to the park, you might still make some rookie mistakes.

So, here are some of my tips to have the best Magic Morning experience possible:

1. Don’t save your pass until the end of your trip

Part of the reason my family does not end up using our Magic Morning pass is because we save it for our second to last or last day. As the week goes on, you will become more and more exhausted, which means waking up is going to get a lot harder. Try to use your pass on your first or second day when the excitement is fresh and your energy levels are still high.

2. Don’t waste time getting coffee

Make your coffee beforehand, hold out for one hour, do whatever it takes. Stopping by the Starbucks on Main Street is super tempting when you have already been awake for more hours than you would like to admit, but you must resist! Magic Morning should be used to go on rides and rides only.

3. Don’t go on Space Mountain

I know the line is only a 5-minute wait. I know you are going to be able to literally walk on it. I know if I’m asking you not to get coffee I shouldn’t ask you not to get an adrenaline rush from Space Mountain. But trust me when I say, there are better ways to do it. The thing about Space Mountain or Star Tours is those rides have fast passes. You can get a FastPass for both rides and end up getting on almost as quickly as you would have during Magic Morning. As soon as the park officially opens, stroll over to Space Mountain and you will get a FastPass quick enough to almost ride it right away. You want to spend your time during Magic Morning riding rides in Fantasyland or Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage, which do not have fast passes and generally have long waits otherwise.

4. Get to the park earlier than when the park will open for Magic Morning 

It will take some time to get your bags checked, wait in line to get into the park and scan your pass to actually get into the park. I would plan on getting there an hour to 45 minutes before they will actually let you in.

If you do it right, Magic Morning can make your Disneyland experience just that much better, even if you get a little less sleep. So when your alarm goes off and you are debating whether or not it is really worth it, trust me, pet — Ashlyn knows best.

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