How to add a touch of Disney to any outfit

I probably have more Disney t-shirts and sweatshirts that I can even start to count. I even have these adorable Winnie the Pooh Vans – so yea. Call me obsessed. Since moving to Washington D.C., however, and starting a professional internship, showing off my Disney clothing collection is not always an option. (But it should be – am I right?)

Sometimes, we all need to dress like grown ups, but even on the days that call for a blazer and skirt there are still ways to get a little bit of Disney into my professional look.

1. Disney jewelry is always a good idea


Subtle Mickey Mouse earring studs, a Disney ring or even a Disney necklace if you are feeling really bold, can complement any type of outfit.

2. Polka Dots! Polka Dots! Polka Dots! 20150621_180947

I may or may not be DisneyBounding as Minnie Mouse in this picture, but we’ll get to that later. Polka Dots are a Minnie Mouse favorite!

3. DisneyBound! 


It can be more subtle than Jordan and mine’s Mary Poppins and Bert Halloween costumes, but DisneyBounding is basically using a Disney character’s color scheme and style to create modern outfits reminiscent of the original character.

4. A Disney purse

Or if you aren’t quite proud enough yet of your inner Disney fanatic self, then a Disney wallet will also be just as charming.

5. BOWS! 


Embrace your inner feminist and wear a bow tie or embrace your younger self and wear a bow in your hair! I even have earrings that are hair bows. If you really feel too childish wearing an actual bow in your hair, there are plenty of Pinterest tutorials on how to make your hair itself into a bow.

6. Disney pins/keychains

Add a Disney pin or keychain to your back or purse to give your accessories a much needed Disney touch.

7. Socks and underwear


Hey – just because nobody or very few people will see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it.

8. Kohl’s Disney’s Lauren Conrad Clothing

The entire Minnie Mouse outfit I am wearing in the second picture of this page is part of the Lauren Conrad line! This clothing line makes some of the cutest Disney-inspired clothes that true fans will really appreciate. I have bought an adorable teacup dress from the Alice in Wonderland style, and clothing from the Cinderella, Snow White and Minnie Mouse styles as well! Make sure to keep checking as there are new styles released every so often.

What are the ways you like to add a hint of Disney to your outfits?

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