How to take a break at Disneyland without leaving the park

Picture this: your feet ache, you are sweating more liquids than you thought were even in your body, everyone around you is crabby, if you have kids they’re crying and your eyes are barely staying open as you reach for another swig of coffee.

If you find yourself in this situation, you just might be at Disneyland.

How do you keep your Disneyland vacation the happiest vacation on earth when all it feels like you are doing is go, go, go with no breaks? Well, the best solutions I have found are to incorporate breaks while staying in the parks without going back to the hotel or losing out on doing something magical.

1. Disney California Adventure Park Animation Academy

Ever dreamed of being an animator? Artistic or not, the Animation Academy is a fantastic way to put your feet up and learn to draw your favorite Disney characters.

2. Watch the “Frozen” show in California Adventure Park

When this used to be the Aladdin show, my dad would take the hour or so of the show to get in a quick nap while the rest of us enjoyed the play. If “Frozen” isn’t your thing, be like my dad and get a quick snooze, if it is, enjoy the air condition and watch a great show.

3. Catch a quaint show at the Golden Horseshoe


We accidentally stumbled upon the Golden Horseshoe when we were looking for somewhere to eat our lunch one time. Located in Frontierland, the Golden Horseshoe has a stage where brief, musical shows are put on.

4. Go on it’s a small world 


First of all, this song is not annoying. This is an adorable ride filled with detailed animatronics and is also extremely well air conditioned. It will definitely give you a chance to rest in the cool air for a few minutes. Also – aren’t my parents adorable?

5. Ride the Disneyland Monorail all the way through

If you find yourself in Tomorrowland and are wondering what to do next, the Disneyland Monorail might be a great option! This trip will give you a chance to get an overview of Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney complete with an insightful narration.

6. Ride the Disneyland Railroad


Similar to the Monorail, the Disneyland Railroad will take you through Disneyland and has some surprises along the way. While currently out of commission for the construction of Star Wars Land, the Disneyland Railroad is a splendid experience.

7. Watch Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln 

Take a chance to brush up on your American history!

8. Watch some original Mickey Mouse cartoons

Along Main Street U.S.A you’ll walk by a building labeled “Main Street Cinema” that has “Steamboat Willie” written underneath. Instead of brushing by, take a chance to duck inside. You’ll find an array of Mickey Mouse cartoons and a place to take a breather.

9. Enchanted Tiki Room


Grab some Dole Whip and sit down to enjoy a singing bird show!

10. Hop on a rollercoaster to get a shot of adrenaline


What better way to add a pep to your step than riding Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

11. Turtle Talk with Crush

This is a great idea especially if you have little ones. They will (and you know you will too) love seeing and interacting with their favorite turtle!

12. Grab a Starbucks


The Starbucks along Main Street U.S.A and the one in California Adventure are two of the coolest Starbucks I have ever seen. The one on Main Street U.S.A also has a little something it would be a shame to miss out on. Throughout the store, there are little old fashioned phones, which look like decorations until you try holding one up to your ear. When you do, you will hear someone having a phone conversation!

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