The perfect photo ops in Disney’s California Adventure

I have a confession to make. I am that person.

I have 4,104 photos on my phone, and at least 1,000 of them are from Disneyland. I am that person who always wants to stop for a photo and I have no shame in taking selfies anytime, anywhere. Why do I love pictures so much? Well, pictures are a way we can remember something forever, see ourselves grow and get a good laugh if we need to. Don’t tell my mom, but I am so thankful that she is always there to remind us to take a picture. The boxes of photos that fill her closet are precious memories that we will always have to look back on.

It’s tempting to forgo stopping for photos on your Disney trip because you want to ride as many things as possible. As someone who makes sure to ride Space Mountain at least five times, I can empathize. But pictures are worth the stop. The album or scrapbook you create at the end will be something to cherish forever. So slow down, pose, smile and snap a few pictures with:

1. This Painting

Located next to theater with the “Frozen” show, this mural makes an incredible backdrop for a family picture.

2. With a FastPass

Grab a FastPass to your favorite attraction and take a picture in front of the ride.

3. Silly Symphony Swings

Have your family member or friend sit behind you on this ride and take a picture of you. If they time it right, you’ll have the beautiful Paradise Pier in the photo.

4. Grizzly River Run Bear


This bear is located at the entrance to Grizzly River Run. Put on your rain ponchos and take a picture in front before heading off to the ride.

5. In front of a cute door

While walking over to Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, look for the street off to the side and has a row of doors like the one above. These cute little porches make for a great photo.

6. Cars Land


Cars Land is flawless, and everything in it looks like it came straight out of the movie. You can take great pictures at night when everything is all lit up or in the daytime. The sign out front of Cars Land is also a good photo op spot.

7. In the mirror of King Triton’s Carousel

Everyone’s so excited to ride the carousel and there’s nobody to take a picture? No worries! Take a picture in the mirror.

8. With Schmoozies

The Make Mine Mocha smoothie is a chocolate espresso drink from heaven and also makes for an adorable picture (especially if you wear matching Star Wars shirts).

9. By the Monster’s University Door


Make sure to wear your MU hat!

10. On Mickey’s “Fun” Wheel

I dare you to go on the swinging ones and try not to look as terrified as me.

11. With Oswald

Oswald, Olaf, Pluto, Chip and Dale and Russell are just some of the unique characters you can find in California Adventure.

12. Wearing the glasses from Toy Story Mania

You may not be allowed to bring a selfie stick into the parks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a selfie with these fly 3D glasses from Toy Story Mania.

13. In front of Paradise Pier

It’s hard to get a perfect picture at Disneyland without a bunch of random strangers photobombing. However, if you want a picture in front of Mickey’s Fun Wheel, California Screamin’ and Paradise Pier, then head over to where the standing area is for World of Color. Very few people are over there during the day because the area is really only used for World of Color. Therefore it is the perfect spot to capture California Adventure Park in all its beauty without the random people in the background or off to the sides.

Bonus: A Bug’s Land


A Bug’s Land is one of my favorite parts of California Adventure. Once you walk in, you enter the world of being a tiny little bug! Take a picture almost anywhere here; everything is so clever and well done.

With these photo ideas, you’ll be sure to have the best Disney vacation album!

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