How did Anakin and Luke bring balance to the force: Part 2

Continuing from the last post. . .

That is where this whole explanation comes full circle. Anakin Skywalker simultaneously fulfills both the Jedi and Sith versions of the Chosen One. This is how…

Anakin Skywalker, an orphan boy conceived by the force on Tatooine with the highest midichlorian count ever recorded by the Jedi Order, is taken into the Order and trained to be a Jedi by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Throughout his adventures fighting for the Jedi Order and the Republic, he finds his inner self in constant flux, moving from Dark to Light. He is influenced by various events, tragedies and victories. His two mentors, Master Obi-Wan (the Light Side) and Chancellor Palpatine (the Dark Side) attempt to steer him towards the fulfillment of their respective versions of the prophecy.

Yet, the Force itself, or fate if you prefer, had its own plan.

Anakin, as we all know, eventual succumbs to the Dark Side and becomes the infamous Darth Vader. In his early years as Vader, he is confident in his alignment, which means we can assume that the upper hand has shifted to Selfish son (the Dark Side) in the pocket dimension. The scales continue to lean toward the Dark Side as Vader spends the majority of the time between “Revenge of the Sith,” “New Hope” and sometime thereafter, hunting down and killing the galaxy’s remaining Jedi. Lord Sidious, now in nearly full control of the galaxy as the Emperor, has almost achieved his version of balance, yet the Jedi’s version is not far off either. Remember, the Jedi’s version of balance is the eradication of the Sith.

Oh wait, did I not mention that? Obi-Wan himself tells Anakin, “You were meant to destroy the Sith not Join them, Bring balance to the Force.” Thus it would seem that both the Jedi and Sith did not truly seek balance. This should not come as a surprise, from the films alone one can see that both factions are incredibly exclusive, ignorant and dogmatic in their beliefs. The Jedi are constantly working toward their own agenda, which they tell us is peacekeeping (more on that another time).

With the only Sith being Vader and his master, Obi-Wan and Yoda can still see their happy ending in sight. Yet both look to another to fulfill their prophecy, the chosen one’s own son Luke Skywalker (and if he doesn’t work out “there is another”, Leia). Yoda and Kenobi hope to see Vader and the Emperor destroyed in order to fulfill their own version of the prophecy. Sure enough, Luke confronts his father and beats him, but to the Emperor’s surprise, he does not kill him. As the Emperor attempts to kill Luke, Vader steps in destroys his master, at the cost of his own life. This is where we came in, Vader dies saving his son, and in the process wipes out the Sith. Hurray, the good guys win, the Jedi version of the prophecy was fulfilled, the Sith are destroyed. Power shifts in the pocket dimension from son to the daughter. Or does it?

Or does it?

The Gray Jedi is a term used to describe those who believe in a perfect compromise between the Light and the Dark. Those who hold to his belief are far and few between in the Star Wars timeline, as they would be quickly be killed off by the Jedi or Sith. One of the most notable examples of the Gray Jedi that appears in the films is Qui-Gon Jinn. He was rebuked constantly by the Jedi for his lack of utter commitment to the Light Side. Now, I submit to you that Luke Skywalker is a Gray Jedi as well. If this is true, then I can prove at the end of “Return of the Jedi” Luke has brought true balance to the force fulfilling the true prophecy of the Chosen One.

Luke’s training as a Jedi was not extensive or complete. His little training from Old Ben and Yoda was certainly not what won him the battle against Vader. He won because he embraced both the Dark and Light Side. The final saber battle between father and son goes by quick, yet in Luke’s behavior lies the key to understanding all of this. During their battle, Vader attempts to bait Luke by stating that if he doesn’t turn perhaps his sister will. This appears to anger Luke and draws him into combat, yet it is his love for his sister that motivates his righteous anger. Love, of course, falls on the Dark Side of the pendulum, despite many of us viewers (or normal people) seeing love as the very essence of good.

However, Luke does not solely rely on the Dark Side. Ultimately he withholds himself from killing his father, demonstrating he can control the Dark Side. If this is not proof enough for you, the extended novels (pre-Disney Canon) explicitly state that when Luke forms the new Jedi order they are taught to hold the Dark Side and Light Side in perfect balance. Luke even marries, something forbidden by the Jedi, to illustrate this point. He encourages his followers to follow whatever path the Force takes them, as long as they don’t become dominated by any one side. As a result of Luke’s inner balance, he certainly does become the most powerful force user ever. However, more importantly, balance is finally brought to the galaxy. There is no longer Light or Dark, there is simply the Force.

There we are, Vader does bring balance to the force through his son, who is a Gray Jedi, who finally releases the Father of the Force from his job of keeping his children in line. There is no longer a struggle between Light and Dark. Instead Luke finally brings balance to Galaxy that has been at war for trillions of years. Well, at least until Ben Skywalker decides to try to be Darth Vader, once again upsetting the balance. But I’m sure Luke will set him straight.

Well, at least until Ben Skywalker decides to try to be Darth Vader, once again upsetting the balance. But I’m sure Luke will set him straight.


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