When I discovered why Disneyland is the happiest place on earth

I’ll never forget the day.

We were on vacation, and our parents told us they had a surprise for us. We had been at the beach for a few days, which is my favorite, and we had also gone to Legoland for my little brother, which was undoubtedly his favorite. So we couldn’t imagine where they were taking us that early morning. As we tried to guess, we didn’t even begin to come close to what we drove into. They call it the happiest place on earth, and in that moment I understood the reason why. My heart started beating faster, my eyes got bigger and the excitement in my voice got louder, and I couldn’t get to the entrance fast enough.

There is something special about your first time in Disneyland, a “magical” feeling if you will. However, even after your first time there it manages to capture your heart again and again with each visit. Every time you come back there is something new, something in the works and, naturally, the old faithfuls you can depend on. As I have grown and visited Disneyland at different ages, I’ve noticed that each time I see the park differently. When I took my first visit at 9-years-old, everything seemed like a huge, never ending dreamland. Then this last summer when I went, I noticed so many more details and all the little things that often get looked over. This brought me to the realization of how incredible it is that one place can relate to all ages of life.

This summer, I’m visiting the happiest place on earth with my triplet sisters who are turning 5-years-old. As excited as they are, I’m equally as excited to see the park through their eyes. I guess that’s why parents love taking their kids; it’s a memory for everyone. Getting to see the joy on their faces brings your heart so much joy as well. But until I have my own kids, I’ll be the one riding the rides in Fantasyland late at night when all the children and their parents are in bed.

Finally, thank you Disneyland for giving us the opportunity to experience the magic and make irreplaceable memories throughout the way. There is no place quite like you.

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