Why The Incredibles is one of the best Disney movies ever


One of the best things about Disney is the way they make their movies resonate with every type of person. From silly characters to deep life questions, everyone can find something in a Disney movie they can enjoy.

Perhaps no Disney movie does this better than “The Incredibles.”

Following the story of the Parr family, Bob and Ellen Parr are former superheroes who were once adored but were forced into hiding. Now trying to lead a normal life, Bob struggles with a frustrating job where he is unable to help people and Ellen only wants to keep her family happy while taking care of her unpredictable baby boy, Jack Jack.

Dash, their son, wants to run track, but because he has speed as his superpower, his parents won’t let him. Violet, struggles with confidence and identity and always has her hair covering her face.

So why is “The Incredibles” one of the best Disney movies?

Well for one, the Parr family is relatable. Whether it is siblings fights at the dinner table, a dad who works long hours, or a child who can’t reach their dreams, the Parr family is completely normal.

Disney took an utterly abnormal and unrelatable family and made them as average as any other family.

Not only was “The Incredibles” relatable, it also dealt with serious problems, such as jealousy and marital issues.

Ellen begins to have suspicions that Bob is cheating on her. When Ellen walks in on Bob hugging Mirage, for her, the worst is confirmed. This may be one of the most “hold your breath” moments in all of Disney. While everything ends up with a classic Disney happy ending (more on that later), Disney acknowledged probably the most grown up theme there is, and they did it with grace and kept the movie PG.

On a less serious note, “The Incredibles” is about superheroes, providing one more reason why it is a top tier movie. Superheroes have always been popular, but have reached new popularity heights recently. “The Incredibles,” in a way, paved the way for the superhero obsession. The characters had classic superhero powers, super speed, super strength, invisibility, and it brought a nostalgic feeling of the golden age of superheroes back.

And any superhero has to have their Alfred. And the Parrs have Edna Mode. This sassy, firecracker of a woman is the backbone behind the Parrs.

Besides being a fantastic character, Edna Mode also has one of the best lines in Disney history:

I never look back dahling, it distracts from the now.”

Edna Mode is a voice of reason in Ellen’s life and one can only hope we see more of her sass in the upcoming sequel.

Finally, “The Incredibles,” in good Disney fashion, concluded with a happy ending, complete with Dash being able to run track. While many might say the Parrs’ happy ending is beyond unrealistic, I would argue it is another example of Disney providing hope. There was more than one time it seemed like all hope was lost for the Parrs. Whether it was when Ellen was convinced she would lose her husband or their house had completely exploded, it didn’t look like anything was going to end up in their favor.

However, everything worked out in the end and the Parrs’ relatable mess, turned into a, hopefully, relatable happy ending.

“The Incredibles” is a story of real issues, funny jokes and a hopeful ending making it one of the best Disney movies ever.

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