Disney’s top leading ladies


It’s Women’s History Month! And what better way to celebrate than recognizing all of Disney’s strong female characters! These leading ladies have been brave, hard working, honest, persevering and even a little sassy, making them worthy of recognition.

1. Minnie Mouse

With her adorable polka dots, loyalty to her friends and sweet giggle, Minnie Mouse is the best mouse lady around.

2. Elizabeth Swann

She’s a fierce, gorgeous pirate king who saves everyone’s’ lives more than once. Enough said.

3. Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps defies all stereotypes and rises to the top to do what everyone told her she couldn’t: become a police officer. “We love you Judy!”

4. Mulan

Sneak away to join the army as a female, save a country, have a dragon for a companion, yeah Mulan’s pretty awesome.

5.  Lilo and Nani 

Nani and Lilo have a hard life. They fight a lot, they cry together, but they always end up being there for each other. They are willing to make sacrifices and learn a lot about themselves.

6. Rey

She’s strong. Independent. Courageous. Kind. Easily amazed. And is really one of my favorite characters ever.

7. Moana

Saved the entire world and was willing to sacrifice herself to do it, no big deal.

8. Belle

Belle shows us that you can be beautiful, but being smart and standing up for yourself is more important than anything else.

9. Tiana

Like Judy, Tiana defies all stereotypes and works as hard as she can to make her dreams come true. Not only that, but she might be Disney’s most stylish princess.

10. Cinderella

The people in Cinderella’s life are so mean and cruel to her, yet she only speaks with kindness and love while she does all of her work without a word of complaint.

11. Esmeralda

If there is one character on this list who could be described as selfless, it is Esmeralda. Her song, “God Help the Outcasts,” is one of Disney’s most moving songs, and she does what she does always to help her people.

12. Anna

Anna has an incredible sacrificial nature, fantastic bedhead and a thirst for adventure. Can I be her best friend?

13. Rapunzel

Rapunzel beats up a man who broke into her room with a frying pan. Also, she has the courage to leave her tower and explore the world she’s always dreamed of. You go girl.

14. Edna Mode

This spunky lady is smart, so sassy and always full of wisdom.

15. Maid Marian and Lady Kluck

These two are special in their own way. Maid Marian has the grace and charm, while Lady Cluck isn’t scared of anyone or anything and is willing to fight for those she loves. They are the perfect duo.

16. Elsa 

Elsa has superpowers and goes through an amazing character transformation. Also, she throws Anna the best birthday party ever.

17. Merida

She’s the best archer in all of Disney and isn’t going to get married because someone told her she had too. She did her mom into a bear . . . but she learned a lot, tried to fight Mordu and everything worked out in the end!

18. Jasmine

Jasmine is not afraid of anyone and her soul is full of love and kindness. She has a pet tiger which automatically makes her cool too.

19. Wendy

I love Wendy! She has a soft, adventurous spirit and a motherly love for all of the Lost Boys, her brothers and Peter Pan.

20. Tinker Bell

The sassiest of them all.

21. Mary Poppins

She’s practically perfect in every way!

Honorable Mention: Princess Leia 

Because Disney didn’t create her, I didn’t put her on the actual list. However, Princess Leia is the epitome of fierce and brave.

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