What movies to watch for your Disney movie marathon

It’s a rainy day and you just want to cuddle with a blanket and hot cocoa while watching your favorite Disney movies. Or all your Disney-crazy friends are coming over for a Disney movie night and you have 20 movies laid out on the table as you wonder which to pick. Or you’re not feeling well and you’re significant other is coming to watch movies with you and you have to decide what you two are going to watch. Or you just want to Disney movie marathon because why not?

No matter what situation you find yourself in, choosing a Disney movie(s) for your Disney movie marathon can be difficult. There are so many good options and it can be hard to decide which one to choose and which one everyone will be happy about. Here are a few suggestions next time you are deciding which movie(s) to watch!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 

What makes these movies perfect is that you could watch one, two, three, or four of them (soon to be five!). They are engaging, exciting and everyone will be sure to be excited about them.

2. Big Hero 6

Superheroes, Fall Out Boy, Baymax, what’s not to love?

3. The Parent Trap 

Whichever Parent Trap movie you choose, this is the perfect girls night sleepover movie!

4. Toy Story

Toy Story is one of the most beloved Disney series of all time. Everyone will be thankful you chose a favorite classic.

5. Emperor’s New Groove

Need a good laugh? The Emperor’s New Groove should be your go to.

6. Princess Diaries

Another good one for that girls night!

7. Enchanted

Filled with good songs and funny moments, Enchanted is a great option for any type of setting.

8. Monsters Inc and Monsters University

Which one will you watch first is the question.

9. Zootopia 

It didn’t win Best Animated Feature for nothing!

10. Peter Pan

Pull out your old Peter Pan VHS and watch everyone light up with smiles as they quietly hum “You Can Fly!”

11. The Rescuers

Another oldie but goodie. The Rescuers and the Rescuers Down Under are both solid films complete with good memories.

12. The Great Mouse Detective 

One of my personal favorites and often overlooked movies, the Great Mouse Detective may be a movie many of your friends haven’t seen and you can show them the brilliance that is Basil of Baker Street.

Even if running isn’t your thing, you can still do a Disney marathon with these movies!


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