Daylight saving as told by Disney gifs

Today marks an infamous day of the year. The day of springing forward and losing an hour of sleep! Whenever we find out that day has come, the groans can be heard across the nation. To make this day a little less sleepy and grumpy, let’s look at daylight saving time as told by Disney gifs.

1. You find out tomorrow is daylight saving (and not the good one)

disney sad crying pixar sadness

2. You begin your yearly rant about how awful it is that we have to change our timeĀ 

disney up 2009 ellie russell

3. You begin to wonder what would really happen if we just stopped something we’ve been doing for so long

animation reaction disney vintage cartoon

4. You tell yourself you’ll go to bed early to make up for it

disney whatever aladdin unimpressed side eye

5. But that doesn’t happen

disney nope ratatouille

6. You hit snooze a million times

disney tired monday morning good morning

7. When you wake up you can’t function for a while

disney tired bored whatever sleepy

8. Your motor skills are exceptionally slow

Disney lol picture camera bunny

9. And you’ve always loved coffee, but you know it was made for today

animation disney vintage cartoon coffee

10. But before you get too upset, you remember that the next time we mess with time you get an extra hour of sleep!

disney excited frozen elsa exciting


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