DisneyBounding 101

You’ve seen the adorable pictures, you’ve saved pins on Pinterest, yet when you go to your closet it all seems hopeless. How will you ever be able to DisneyBound?

DisneyBounding is essentially dressing up as your favorite Disney character by wearing their colors, patterns, something that embodies their character and similar articles of clothing. For example, a light blue dress could be part of a DisneyBound outfit for Cinderella.

But maybe you don’t know where to start with DisneyBounding and that’s okay! Let’s walk through how you would DisneyBound to give you an idea of what it would look like.

1. Pick a character

This may be the most fun part of the experience! Let’s start with someone easy. . . Donald Duck!

2. Figure out what their colors are 

For Donald Duck that would be blue, orange, red and white.

3. Decide what their “special” feature is

Donald has an iconic red bow tie and is often wearing nautical features. Both of these are great attributes to incorporate.

4. Decide what types of clothing you are going to wear 

This means you will need to decide what type of outfit you are going to create. What season? Will you wear pants and a top or a dress?

5. Now put together that outfit! 

6. The top

Using Donald as our example still, your top should be something blue. Maybe with stripes or maybe something nautical themed. Solid blue works just as well. You could try to even find something with sailor-like buttons. I am guessing you have a top that is blue in your closet – use that!

7. The bottoms

These should be white. The colors should generally follow whatever order they appear on the character. So Donald’s top half is blue and his bottom half is white. White pants, a white skirt, white shorts or white capris should do the trick here.

8. Shoes

This can be the hardest area to find what you’re looking for. If you have yellow or orange shoes, those would be ideal for your Donald outfit. If not, try to find something close (or that goes with another color in your color scheme!) This could mean brown, blue or red. If all else fails (as with any outfit) you can always wear black flats or sneakers. They go with anything!

9. Accessories

This is where you get to add that special attribute that makes your character, well, them! For Donald, this could mean a red bow tie, a red bow in your hair, a red scarf, a red bow necklace, red bow earrings, a red purse, etc. (Wow it looks like Donald would be a fan of The Red Bow Chronicle!) For jewelry, anchors would be a good way to go for this type of outfit, and you could maybe something blue with stripes for a purse. You could add a yellow cardigan or a cute hat. Really, this is where you can get really creative! Think about what makes your character unique and how you can incorporate that into your accessories.

And that is it folks! These are my tips for how to DisneyBound. Make sure to send me pictures of what your adorable DisneyBound outfits look like. It’s a lot easier than it sounds and Pinterest is a fabulous place for inspiration.

For more information here are some other sites I think have great tips as well: http://savingupfordisney.com/2015/08/17/disneyboundingrules/

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