10 of Disney’s best snow moments

Today on the East Coast, Storm Stella has come and this Californian girl is enjoying every bit of the snow! In honor of my first real snow day here, I think it would be best to share Disney’s top snow moments. From Belle to Olaf, snow memories are some of the most magical Disney moments.

1. Thumper ice skating

disney bambi panpan

The cutest ice-skating bunny around.

2. Beast feeding the birds in the snow

You can’t get more precious and romantic than falling in love while feeding birds in the snow.

3. Any time Winnie the Pooh and his pals are in the snow ever

Especially with their scarves. Heart melting.

4. When the Pevensie children discover Narnia

5. When Scrooge finally changes

Making it one of the merriest Christmases ever!

6. That moment when Mulan beats the Huns

Showing once again how awesome she is.

7. When Mike and Sulley get banished 

Snow cones?

8. Arthur pulling the sword from the stone

We love you Arthur!

9. Jack discovering Christmas Town

“What’s This” is one of my favorite songs from the entire movie.

10. And of course, Frozen! 

Like the funniest part of the movie when Olaf is impaled . . .

Or “Let It Go” . . .

Or Anna saving Elsa . . .

Or baby Sven and Christoff . . .

Image result for anna and christoff

Or Christoff and Anna finally kissing!

If you’re somewhere where there is snow take a moment to enjoy the beauty. If you’re not, you can live vicariously through these Disney snow moments. Happy Snow Day!

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