10 Star Wars weapons you need to know the names of

Alright, so you think you’re a Star Wars fan, or at the very least you’re a casual one because you opened this article. Well, then you should be able to name each of these by just the photo. However, if you are new to the franchise then use this guide to impress your geeky friends. Oh, and I took the liberty of arranging them in order of importance, so start with number one if you’re not looking to invest so much brain space in the knowledge of a fictitious (that’s what they tell you) world.

10. E-5 Blaster Rifle

Ah yes, the weapon of choice for the second most incompetent faction in Star Wars (you know what the first is), the battle droids. These blasters, like their wielders, were cheaply made and mass produced. Their poor design, which allows for acidic gas to be released when overheated, would make them unusable for organic soldiers. But these metal clankers can’t feel a thing, so why spend the extra bucks right? The E-5 appears in episodes one to three in the hands of droids, but other than that sees little camera time.

9. DC-15A and DC-15S

Both weapons were given out as standard issue to Republic Troops during the Clone Wars. Yes, I know. I’m worse than your old math teacher, cheating by labeling two guns as one. But like those two step problems, these blasters are essentially the same, just modified for different combat situations. The 15A was designed for longer range combat and to be shot in fewer bursts, while the 15S is a close range repeated blaster. They both show up a lot in the prequels, and they are the gun of the good guys, so you have to know them, right?

8. E-33

This is the blaster used by Boba Fett – Nuff said. It is a 3-round burst weapon capable of hitting targets at a considerable range. If the first bolt didn’t put them down, the next two will. (Some might call that excessive, but in Boba’s line of work that’s called insurance.) If that’s good enough reason for the best bounty hunter in the galaxy it’s good enough for me — moving on now.

7. Proton Torpedo

Proton torpedoes are mounted weapons on various starfighters throughout the films. These bad boys are what Luke launched into that small thermal exhaust port to blow up the first Death Star. However, they were also used by Anakin to blow up the Trade Federation Control-Ship in the “Phantom Menace” — Ah, father like son. Anyhow, these heavy hitters are instrumental in the Star Wars saga.

6. Thermal Detonator

The thermal detonator only appears once in the films but is used heavily in various Star Wars video games. However, no matter what medium they appear in they are presented as the same round ball of death, unless you’re playing Lego Star Wars. (But come on, everyone knows that there are no perfect circles in Legos.) Leia uses this weapon to threaten Jabba the Hutt in “Return of the Jedi.” Now for any of you who have wondered why Boba didn’t just gun her down when she activated it and saved Jabba some cash . . .  Well, the detonator’s signature feature is that it can only be deactivated by the one who activated it in the first place.

5. Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber(s)

Obi-Wan has actually wielded three sabers in his Jedi career, all similarly designed. The first one was destroyed by Maul and the second was stolen by Dooku (rude). Making him the winner for the most sabers used in the Star Wars canon. The one I chose to focus on, though, is the third. This is the one he constructed as a Jedi Master during the Clone Wars. This is the saber that Kenobi would use to fight his apprentice both on Mustafar and again on the Death Star. This gives the saber great significance, as it was Anakin’s instrument of destruction, and what produced Lord Vader who is more machine than man. Oh, and one last neat detail — Luke used this saber as a basis for the design of his second saber, hence the design similarities.

4. Wookie Bowcaster

This crossbow looking blaster is actually a handcrafted Wookie product. They are exclusively made on Kashyyyk by Wookie craftsman. As such, each one looks slightly different, with our friendly furry friend Chewbacca’s being no exception. Bowcasters function similar to a rail gun, which use magnetics, making them more accurate and powerful than conventional blasters. Anyhow, this weapon of choice for Chewbacca appears in four out of the seven films, and will no doubt return in “The Last Jedi” . . .  and it better be in nine too!

3. DL-44 (Modified)

“Modified”, because what doesn’t Solo modify? Nothing is ever good as is. The DL-44 was already an overpowered blaster, but Han’s modifications doubled its blast power. He also removed its conventional scope to improve his quick draw time and because he’s too cocky to use it anyways. This blaster stands out in the films almost as much as Chewbacca’s, and it has become an icon for both the character and the franchise as a whole. Solo lived and died by his side arm. It lasted him over 30 years, up to when he died on Star Killer base. It will be interesting to see if the weapon gets picked up another character to keep the legacy alive.

2. The E-11 Blaster Rifle

This weapon is the Imperial standard. It is utilized by all the basic Stormtroopers in the Original Trilogy, making it one of the most prevalent weapons in the galaxy. However, even our heroes end up wielding this weapon several times in New Hope. As you may recall, Han and Luke complete their Buckethead disguises with this standard issue blaster.

1. Anakin’s Saber (The Skywalker Saber)

Like his master, Anakin broke his first saber so we will be discussing his second. Now I could bore you with the technical aspects of the saber and why Skywalker constructed it in such a unique way, but that’s not what makes this saber the most significant weapon in the Star Wars canon. No, it’s the legacy of the weapon. Little did Anakin know when he constructed this weapon after the battle of Genosis that he was building a weapon that would change history. It would be the saber that would be used to lead Clone armadas, slay Darth Tyranus, slaughter Jedi and younglings and even end the Clone Wars entirely. This is just what it did in Anakin’s possession. Under his son’s control, it would be used to bring hope to the Rebellion and even be used against him, to mention a few instances. It would even be the weapon used to battle his grandson. This is the reason for the second title, “The Skywalker Saber,” as it has been passed down from Skywalker to Skywalker — yes, I am aligning myself with the “Rey is a Skywalker” theory. However, no matter what you believe, the weapon is the icon for the franchise, and it shaped the universe we love.

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