Is the Disney Movie Club actually worth it?


For years, I had been getting postcards in the mail and emails telling me I needed to join the Disney Movie Club. For all those years, I was skeptical.

“It must be a scam.” “It will probably trap me into spending lots of money and buying lots of movies I don’t want.” “My mom warned me about things like this.” “5 movies for $1 each? Do they charge a million dollars for shipping?”

Maybe you can relate. These were all the reasons I had never given the little flyer a second thought before tossing it into the wastebasket.

However, one day I received an email from the Disney Movie Club that made me pause and reconsider.

“Free Olaf blanket,” was all that it needed to say to get me intrigued.

Alright Disney, I thought, I’ll look into your club.

Well it turns out the Disney Movie Club is actually completely legitimate and definitely worth joining! For me, because of the promotional offer I got, I received five Disney movies for $1 each (all on Blu-ray and DVD, some even had digital codes), and then an additional movie for only $14.95. Plus I got an Olaf blanket. Plus I got free shipping.

So basically, I scored.

But say you were to just go to the Disney Movie Club website and join without any special promotion. I would still say it’s worth it.

Here’s how it works. If you join, you pay $1 for four Disney movies of your choice and then you can get a $14.95 bonus title to count for your commitment. The commitment for the Disney Movie Club is an agreement to buy five regular priced Disney movies (plus $3.95 for shipping) over the course of the next two years.

Let’s say you’re going to only buy Blu-ray and do all of this without tax considering that is different for everyone.

With the initial purchase you have spent: $18.95 which is $3.79 for each Blu-Ray movie.

Then, if you buy 4 more movies over the course of the next two years at full price ($29.95 plus $3.95) you’ll spend $123.75. It seems like a lot but remember it is over the course of two years.

So at the end of two years, you will have spent $142.70 for nine Disney movies (and maybe even an Olaf blanket if you’re lucky).

That comes out to: $15.85 for each Blu-ray movie. Blu-ray movies, especially new releases, will cost on average between $20 to $30, so really joining the Disney Movie Club is a no brainer.

Plus all the points you’ll get on Disney Movie Rewards will allow you to get another nice little Disney something, something to add to your value of being a Disney Movie Club member.

And once you meet your commitment, you’ll be a VIP member, which is just awesome to be able to say.

If you’re like me, you’re thinking: Alright, what’s the catch? And honestly, there really isn’t one. You’ll get an email every month with a featured title and as long as you make sure to hit decline, you won’t get charged for things you don’t want.

BONUS: If you email me at I can send you a link to let you get five Disney movies for $1 instead of four! If you can’t tell from my salesman-like pitch, I’m pretty excited about this club and I think everyone should join!

So is the Disney Movie Club Worth it? I sure think so!

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  1. Chris says:

    Not worth it. Just go to blu Ray forums and they update their promo codes for Disney movie club. Promo to look for is the 5 movies for 1 dollar and a you only have to buy 3 movies for your commentment which is only 2 if you get there bonus movie for 11.95. Once signed up just get the new movies for 24.95 each. If you do it right you will only spend 8.53 each movie for a total of 8 movies ($68.29). I don’t add a 7th movie upon sign up as I cancel my member ship and resign up when a few new Disney movies come out. You can add the 7th but it adds .05 cents each movie totaling out to 9 movies for 77.24. Then resell the movies for 8.50 and keep the digital copies as digital is the way to go. You can even help out Ashlyn by emailing her so she can get 2 movies free. Just make sure to use the promo for a better deal (promo going on now is 41115). Also This is priced for blu rays.


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