Where to stay when you go to Disneyland

Finding the right place to stay when you go on your Disney vacation is one of the most important parts of the planning process, but there are so many options! You could stay in an actual Disneyland hotel, you could stay in one that has a shuttle that will take you to the park, you could stay in one that is within walking distance, you could stay in one that has free breakfast or one that doesn’t. The list goes on.

There are a few tips to keep in mind to find the perfect location of a place to stay when you go to Disneyland.

1. Complimentary breakfast is always better

It is so convenient (and much cheaper than eating breakfast in the parks) to be in a hotel that has hot food waiting for you in the mornings. I would recommend finding somewhere that has a hot breakfast, not just continental so you can get your protein.

2. Really consider if staying in a Disneyland hotel is worth it 

I’m not saying it won’t be worth it, especially if it is your first time going to Disneyland. But you’re really not in the hotel that much and the Grand Californian is pretty pricey for the little amount of time you will really be there. Neither Paradise Pier nor the Disneyland hotel offers complimentary breakfast. Paradise Pier is the most inexpensive of the three, but it still has a higher price range than many surrounding hotels.

3. How much are you willing to walk?

If you have little ones, your best bet may be to find somewhere that has a shuttle service to and from the hotel. While your hotel may seem so close the first day you’re there, after a few days of walking and sore feet a short walk seems like an eternity.

4. Find a hotel with Magic Morning

If you are planning on buying your tickets through a hotel, make sure to find one that will give you early admission for one day into the park! Read more about Magic Morning here.

With these four things in mind, here are the top three hotels I would recommend that I believe have everything to make your stay the best possible.

1. Embassy Suites by Hilton Anaheim South



Much more reasonably priced than the Disneyland hotels, Embassy Suites has an adorable Safari-themed lobby with a fantastic breakfast and shuttle service to the park. The only complaint we’ve had is the rooms can be on the smaller side and if you get placed next to an elevator it can be a noisy night.

2. Springhill Suites


Springhill Suite has the largest selection of breakfast I have ever seen. We ended up getting a last minute deal on the room that included fun colors and bunk beds. They have a pretty amazing roof top deck overlooking California Adventure as well. There is a CVS located directly next to the hotel, which was a lifesaver for my family since everyone was horribly sunburnt, and it is a fairly short walk to the park. (Unless you get lost and end up going the wrong direction; in that case, it’s a long walk.)

3. Staybridge Suites Anaheim

I don’t have any pictures of this one, but this used to be the hotel we stayed in every time we went to Disneyland until their rates started going up. I would say it has the least bells and whistles of the three options here. However, there is a nice breakfast, comfortable rooms and a shuttle service that takes you to the park.

What are some hotels you have stayed in and absolutely loved that I could potentially add to this list?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heidi says:

    This is great info. I’m curious if you’ve ever tried any of the house rental options that are down near Disneyland such as through home away or VRBO?


    1. Ashlyn says:

      Hi Heidi! I have looked into them before. I know there was a problem with Anaheim and they were considering removing all short term home rentals but I’m not sure what became of that. From what I saw, it was much more cost effective to stay at a hotel. But that could depend on what time of the year you are going and how close/far away to the park you are.


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