Places in Disneyland you should eat at

I’ve published a few blog posts about eating at Disneyland, but this time I wanted to give you some specific advice about what restaurants I consistently go to and think are the best.

My family has a pretty set routine when it comes to eating in the parks and we know what places we like and don’t like (R.I.P Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque). While there is some debate, we’ve found a few places to be tried and true. With that, I thought it would be best to show you a sample of how our dining days at Disneyland look to give you ideas on what restaurants you should check out!

Day 1 (Before the Park): 

We usually get to Disneyland the day before we actually go into the park, which means we will grab dinner in Downtown Disney. Honestly, I think that the restaurants inside of Disneyland are much better than those in Downtown Disney, but Rainforest Cafe is a great experience (just be prepared to wait for a while) and Earl of Sandwich is one of my favorites.

Day 2: 

This is a day we spend most of in Disneyland and more often than not our first dinner stop will be Bengal Barbecue. Located by Indiana Jones, this off to the side restaurant has amazing meat and vegetable skewers (and pretzels for the picky eater in your life).

Day 3: 

This is a day we spend most of in California Adventure, which means we usually grab a bite to eat around there. My mom, sister and I will head over to the Pacific Wharf for clam chowder bread bowls for me and my mom and Chinese or Mexican food for my sister. My dad and my brother will usually head for corn dogs at Corn Dog Castle or Smokejumpers Grill for burgers (it’s the best place to get a burger in Disneyland or California Adventure).

Day 4: 

Two trips ago, my family discovered Cafe Orleans for the first time and they fell in love with the Monte Cristo sandwiches and we all thought the pommes frites were to die for.

Day 5: 

We always reserve one day to go to Cove Bar, another gem we recently discovered. While they only serve appetizers, we each got something and shared with each other. It definitely made for a full meal.

Day 6:

Going to one fancy restaurant, I think, is a must do. While Blue Bayou is worth it to go once in your life, my personal favorite is Wine Country Trattoria.

Day 7:

As we end our Disneyland trip with some time in Downtown Disney again, our tradition is to get Wetzel’s Pretzels for lunch.


If you really like Mexican food, what my family has done is my parents have gone to Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante for Mexican food they assured me was delicious while we headed to the Hungry Bear Restaurant for burgers.

What restaurants do you think everyone should absolutely go to while in Disneyland?

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