7 reason to be excited for Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are my favorite movies of all time. I have the pirates medallion necklace Elizabeth wears in the first movie, a pirates keychain on my backpack, more than one Pirates of the Caribbean articles of clothing, and I can quote almost the entire first movie by heart. All of that to say, I am thrilled for the upcoming “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” movie, and you should be too!

1. Captain Armando Salazar

Screenshot (20)

He’s freaky, intimidating, has an amazing accent and it looks like he’s out for revenge. Many people were disappointed with Blackbeard as the villain in the last movie (I was not one of those people) but Capt. Salazar is shaping up to be one of the best villains the pirates series has come up with. What made Barbosa so fantastic in the first movie, was well one because it was Geoffrey Rush but also because Barbosa and Jack had this complicated past that unfolded throughout the movie. It looks like their going to follow a similar idea for this movie as well.

2. We get to learn about who Jack was before he was the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow

From the trailer, we get to see Jack as a young boy and potentially the beginning of his backstabbing life as a pirate. There have always been questions circulating about who Jack was before the first movie, such as when Elizabeth alludes to the many stories she’s heard about him.

3. We finally get to see what happened to Will’s son

Screenshot (31)

After the credits at the end of the third movie, we see Elizabeth standing looking at the horizon with a young boy presumably waiting for Will Turner to come home. The story has finally come full circle and Will’s son is now grown up. Will he follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps of piracy? Are the fates of Sparrow and the Turners forever intertwined? We’ll find out.

4. It pulls from the feel and ideas of the first film, which was undoubtedly the best one

Asking me which pirates movie was my favorite is like asking me to pick a favorite child, but even I can concede that the first movie is the best. (Why else would I be able to quote almost the whole thing?) From the trailer, it looks like this film retains a lot of the feel and ideas of the first film such as undead pirates, revenge, a Turner and Jack forging a somewhat unwanted alliance, a monkey, saving someone from the noose, you know, the usual.

5. The trailer just looks incredible

Whether its Jack sliding down a hill drinking rum or the ships straddling the divide in the water or witty one liners everything looks amazing.

6. The new skull

The skull was already cool:

But now it is even cooler:

7. Orlando Bloom is back!

Screenshot (30)

And I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about it!

So mark your calendars, start the countdown and get ready to go watch “Dead Men Tell No Tales!”


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