If Winnie the Pooh characters were tea

In my corner of the Hundred Acre Wood, any time is tea time.

My favorite tea schedule is: drink a cup of peppermint tea right when I wake up, a cup of tea that isn’t decaffeinated right before lunch, a cup of rooibos vanilla tea in the afternoon, and a cup of sleepy time chamomile or peach tea before bed.

Often times as I am drinking my many cups of tea, I have thought about the unique personality, flavor and feelings associated with each cup. As I have tapped my head and said “Think. Think. Think.,”  I have thought about what teas would go with what Winnie the Pooh characters. And I have found that there is the perfect tea complement to Winnie the Pooh and all his pals!

1. Eeyore and Earl Grey Tea


Earl grey tea has the perfect name and a bit of a relaxing gloom to it making it just right for our friend Eeyore. Even better than just plain earl grey tea is a London Fog.

2. Piglet and Raspberry Tea

Mug, Raspberries, Berry, Tea, Drink, Refreshments

Raspberry tea is the perfect pink color to go with Piglet, and it is best for when you want something sweet and warm. Like Piglet, it is sweet and reassuring. But everyone knows that Piglet is, well, rarely relaxed and likewise this tea doesn’t leave you as relaxed as others.

3. Tigger and Peppermint

Tigger’s tea would be something with a bit of a bounce (or bite) to it like peppermint tea! Peppermint tea is soothing to the stomach, but it has an extra kick most teas lack which makes it ideal for Tigger.

4. Rabbit and Lemon Tea

After Rabbit got done farming his carrots for the day, he would definitely sit down with a refreshing glass of iced lemon tea. Lemon tea is great for a midday refresher, especially for a yellow rabbit carrot farmer.

5. Owl and Green Tea

Green Tea, Milk, Bubble, Delicious, MorningGreen tea gives off an air of wisdom and insight, and Owl at least tries to be the wise one of the group. Can’t you see him in his rocking chair reading a book with a cup of green tea? I can!

6. Kanga and Vanilla Chai Tea

Chai Latte, Tea, Latte, Chai, Beverage, Cup, Drink, HotChai tea is one of my favorite kinds of tea. After dropping off Roo from soccer practice, Kanga would head to her favorite coffee shop where she would stop in and say hi to the many people she knows there. She would bounce up to the counter and order her vanilla chai tea latte with almond milk and pause for a moment from her busy day to take a warm sip of cinnamon-y goodness. The tea is peaceful but full of remembrance of a busy day filled with hard work, which is essentially who Kanga is.

7. Roo and Peach Tea


Roo, being so young, would probably not enjoy warm tea as much as the others. But a cold, somewhat sugary, peach tea would hit the spot after a full day of playing. Roo is always sure to bring a smile to your face, and peach tea will do the same.

8. Christopher Robin and English Breakfast Tea

Tea, Da Hong Pao, Tea CupChristopher Robin is very English and so is this tea. Whether before starting his day in the Hundred Acre Wood or after finishing the day in the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin is sure to drink a cup of warm English Breakfast.

9. Gopher and Ginger Tea

Talk about a tea and character with personality! Ginger tea and Gopher bring their own unique spice to any adventure.

10. Lumpy and Blueberry Tea

Blueberries, Cream, Dessert, Breakfast, Blueberry, FoodWinnie the Pooh and friends were timid at first to befriend Lumpy the Heffalump, but they quickly realized what a gem he is to have around. With his adorable smile and sweet demeanor, he quickly wove his way into Pooh and his friends’ hearts and ours as well. Blueberry tea, likewise, is a bit strange to think about trying at first, but the fruity taste is sure to become a quick favorite.

11. Winnie the Pooh and Chamomile

chamomile-829538_1920What tea could be more better suited for Winnie the Pooh than chamomile? Pooh can add as much honey as he wants to chamomile and this all-time favorite tea was made for this all-time favorite character. Soothing, friendly and good for any moment of any day, chamomile and Pooh Bear go hand in hand.


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