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The top 10 cutest Tsum Tsums

Almost every day I am once again shocked by the number of people who are unaware of what Tsum Tsums are. These adorable blobs of fluff bring me and many others so much happiness.

Tsum Tsums were first created in Japan and essentially mean “stack stack” because the idea is to stack them upon one another. The little blobs have made there way over to the U.S. and haven’t lost their charm. Here are the top 10 cutest Tsum Tsums around:

1. Dumbo

2. Baymax

He’s so perfect.

3. Lumpy

4. Joy

5. Pua


6. Peter Pan

7. Wicket

8. Princess Leia

Her rosy cheeks are just so cute.

9. Bumblebee collection

I know this is kind of cheating, but they are all so adorable.

10. Donald Duck

Now go start your own Tsum Tsum collection!

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