14 things every Star Wars fan does on May 4


Today’s the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean and chimes of “may the fourth be with you” abound! We’ve waited 365 days, and now it’s back. That’s right everyone — today is Star Wars Day! As Star Wars fans around the globe celebrate this fantastic holiday, there are a few things that every Star Wars fan always does on May the Fourth.

1. Post something witty on Facebook

Star Wars movies movie star wars harrison ford GIF

2. Read all the comments your friends who are also Star Wars fans posted on your wall

 r2d2 GIF

3. Put on as much Star Wars clothing as you own

4. See how many Star Wars puns you can throw into every sentence

5. Watch “A New Hope”

 movies star wars luke skywalker a new hope estival GIF

6. And maybe a few others as well…

 movies star wars harrison ford han solo george lucas GIF

7. Watch “The Last Jedi” trailer

 movies star wars harrison ford han solo a new hope GIF

8. Build some Star Wars Legos

LEGO disney star wars surprise lego GIF

9. Play Battlefront or Lego Star Wars 

 battlefront GIF

10. Try to bake/eat something Star Wars-esque

11. Tell everyone you see “May the fourth be with you” 

 star wars goodbye han solo luke skywalker yoda GIF

12. Cringe when they don’t know what you’re talking about

13. Explain the plot of Episode 4 at least 10 times throughout the day

 star wars r2d2 c3po bossy GIF

14. And then just wish every day was Star Wars Day

Star Wars movies movie star wars shrug GIF

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!!

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