Finals week as told by “The Emperor’s New Groove”


At colleges across the nation, once empty libraries are now full of students typing furiously on laptops or violently flipping the pages of textbooks, the on-campus coffee shops have run out of caramel macchiatos and the energy drink supply in the campus store is dangerously low. All of this can only mean one thing: Finals are here.

Surviving finals week is one of the biggest challenges many students face. Instead of struggling alone, why not plod along with Emperor Kuzco through this exhausting week?

1. Two weeks before finals when someone asks you how you’re feeling about it¬†

 disney llama bring it on kuzco emperors new groove GIF

2. And then the week before finals starts

 annoyed frustrated headache emperors new groove migraine GIF

3. After the first day of finals week, you already look like this

 cartoons & comics david spade john goodman kuzco emperors new groove GIF

4. And, of course, the dining hall has started serving even worse food

 cartoons & comics emperors new groove GIF

5. Then you start to go a little crazy

 disney jealousy yzma emperors new groove GIF

6. And get a little too honest with people

 disney evil villain yzma emperors new groove GIF

7. You do a few really dumb things

Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. And have more than one mental breakdown

 crying depressed emperors new groove GIF

9. Everything sort of stops making sense

 the emperors new groove GIF

10. And study groups become basically pointless because everyone is easily distracted

 new groove dat emperors wigglesauce GIF

11. So you learn to give your best mom face

 movies disney watching pocahontas unhappy GIF

12. But then your friends just think you’re grumpy and try to cheer you up

 birthday happy birthday emperors new groove GIF

13. But it doesn’t work

 party birthday cake hat yzma GIF

14. You didn’t even know you could pull this many all nighters

 oh yeah emperors new groove GIF

15. When you finally get coffee the next morning

 yzma kronk emperors new groove feel the power dafm GIF

16. Then there is that one friend who finished all their papers ahead of time and is done with finals first

 disney angry memes annoyed hate GIF

17. What you want to say to every one of your professors when you walk into each final

 ineedthisforreactions emperors new groove GIF

18. That moment the first test question may as well be in Latin and it’s a math final

 disney crying tears sadness llama GIF

19. So you start thinking of excuses for why you need to leave and not take the test

 the emperors new groove GIF

20. But you see a question that you do know from all those long hours of studying

 cat science laughing evil evil laugh GIF

21. Then you finally hand in your last final

 disney model finish kuzco emperors new groove GIF

22. And burst out the door victoriously 

 disney the emperors new groove kuzco emperors new groove disney set GIF

Now go crush those finals!

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