The 9 best Disney mom moments


Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there! Moms are really the greatest ever and deserve so much love and thanks every day of the year. To celebrate our wonderful mothers, here are the nine best Disney mom moments!

1. Aunt Cass’ stress eating, love of wings and all around lovable silliness

 maya rudolph big hero 6 aunt cass GIF

While she might not be Hiro and Tadashi’s birth mom, Aunt Cass has become a mother to the boys. She’s silly, fun and so caring, which makes us want to be her friend too!

2. When Mrs. Jumbo gets baby Dumbo

 disney mom mothers day dumbo GIF

Mrs. Jumbo loves her sweet little baby even if his ears are abnormally big, and she will do anything to protect him.

3. When Mrs. Incredibles shows up everyone

She beat up all these guards while being stuck in multiple doors. Yeah. She’s awesome.

4. When Queen Elinor saves her family’s life

The epitome of momma bear.

5. When Mrs. Anderson probes and signals the husband

She’s supportive, nurturing, caring and good at hockey!

6. When Lucille adopts Lewis

 meet the robinsons GIF

She’s the perfect mom for Lewis.

7. When Chicha helps get rid of Yzma

This entire clip may be the best mom scene in movie history.

8. How Bonnie Hopps and Perdita take care of so many children

 disney food dogs test childhood GIF

That is a lot of names to remember.

9. When Andy’s mom says goodbye to Andy

This tearful goodbye makes us realize just how much we have come to love Andy’s mom. She’s the woman who helped make Andy who he is.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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