Lessons we can learn from Aladdin


One jump ahead of the breadline
one swing ahead of the sword
I steal only what I can’t afford
and that’s everything

Oh, Aladdin. One of our favorite Disney thieves. (Don’t worry Flynn Rider you’re one of our favorites too.) Aladdin teaches us a lot of practical lessons about life, friendship and love. Here’s some advice from the best street rat around!

1. On manners

Screenshot (34).png

You tell ‘im Aladdin! There is no excuse for being rude.

2. On how to make up the best comebacks

Screenshot (34)-01.png

3. Best flirting tips

Screenshot (34)-02.png

Who doesn’t want to be punctual?!

4. On being determined and confident

Screenshot (34)-03.png

He was the only one who could enter the Cave of Wonders.

5. On keeping promises

c0589163-915a-4409-9305-42e38b12e5cb (1)It might’ve taken a while but Aladdin eventually followed through on his promise to the Genie and made amends with Jasmine too.

6. On bravery

Screenshot (40)-01


Props to Aladdin; I definitely wouldn’t fight a giant snake in a ring of fire.

Thanks Aladdin for all the great life lessons!

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