9 ideas for displaying your tsum tsum collection

My cousins are hosting a foreign exchange student from Japan. She’s an amazingly sweet young woman who loves Disney as much as I do, so, naturally, I asked her if she collected tsum tsums. She looked at me a little strangely and said she didn’t know what those were. I explained how they originated in Japan and when I pulled up a picture she exclaimed in delight “Oh yes! I have lots of tsum tsums!” Except she pronounced it correctly. See, I guess we Americans say tsum tsum in our own American dialect but it sounds nothing like how it is pronounced in Japan.

Well, at least I won’t embarrass myself when I finally make it over to Japan someday to visit Disneyland in Tokyo!

Anyways, it goes to show that tsum tsums, no matter how you pronounce them, are loved worldwide. They are so easy to collect, especially since the small ones are only about $5! The problem is, however, that tsum tsums quickly begin taking up lots of space and need to be displayed and appreciated.

But there is no need to fret! Here are some ideas you can use to display your tsum tsum collection.

1. In their natural habitats

Screenshot (41).png

Like Nemo and Dory in a fish bowl!

2. In hexagon shelves

The best way to display my Tsum Tsum plush:

These hexagon honeycomb shelves would work just as well.

3. In a shadow box

DIY DISNEY TSUM TSUM SHADOW BOX....still need a few more tsums to fill it up!:

Personally, I think they look a little squished in here but it’s not a bad idea to show off how many tsum tsums you have. Michaels has some good shadow boxes.

4. Around your entertainment center

Disney Tsum Tsum Display:

Adding Disney to every part of your home.

5. On window sills


6. In a cube organizer shelf 

Tsum tsum shelf display @stempleton6:

Here’s one from Target.

7. On a Mickey Mouse shelf 


This is my personal favorite! You can order the one I have here.

8. And you can arrange them by color

Nothing satisfies our OCD more than a well organised #shelfie. Beautiful display @downwithdisney, thank you for sharing this with us!! ❤️ #mydisneyhome #mydisneylife #disneyfan #mickeymouse #disneydecor #disneylove #disneyforlife #homedecor #disneyworld #disneylife #photooftheday #disneydecorations #disneynuts #disneyathome #homegoals #disneyland #disneyworld #disneystyle #disneywayoflife #waltdisney #tsum #tsumtsum #disneydiy #insideout #disneypixar #pixar #disneyhome:

9. Or collection

I finally reorganized my tsum tsums! ~ i stopped collecting a few months ago because i have way too many ; - ; this isn't even all of them....:

How do you display your tsum tsum collection?

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