10 characters to try DisneyBounding as

I’m going to head off to the happiest place on earth in just a few short weeks and I’ve already begun thinking about what types of outfits I am going to wear at the park. There are so many different options! Do I wear all my standard Disney shirts? What Disney jewelry do I pull out? How should I decorate my ears?! The list goes on. But one of the best ways to decide what to wear in Disneyland is by deciding what character to Disneybound as.

If you’re thinking about what to wear on your next trip to Disney, think about DisneyBounding as one (or more!) of these characters.

1. BelleScreenshot (51).png

The new “Beauty and the Beast” live action movie has brought Belle back to the top of her popularity. Pick her yellow or blue colors and try out a Belle-inspired outfit.

2. Minnie Mouse


Minnie Mouse may be the easiest and cutest character to Disneybound as!

3. Winnie the Pooh


All you need is something red and something yellow and a little bit of honey.

4. Woody


It’s time to put on your flannel partner!

5. Tigger

Screenshot (55)

Your outfit will be as energetic as Tigger himself.

6. Mike Wazowski 


Because who doesn’t love to dress up like a monster every once in a while?

7. Dumbo


You certainly won’t look like a dumbo DisneyBounding as Dumbo!

8. Donald Duck


Everyone looks cute dressed as a sailor.

9. Jasmine


Comfy and adorable.

10. Joy 


To add some extra happiness into your magical day!

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