The Do’s and Don’t’s of Disneyland

When you are a veteran Disneyland-goer, you notice the little signs that show it’s someone’s first time at Disney. These little moments can bring us back to the days when we first went to Disneyland for the first time. Whether it’s having to look at a map to know where to go or wearing the wrong kinds of shoes for walking all day, there are so many things to learn about having the best vacation in Disney.

However, new or old to the game, following certain do’s and don’t’s will serve every Disneyland-goer well in making their vacation and everyone else’s vacation the best it can be.

Do: Hold up how on your hands how many are in your party 

When you get near the front of the line, the cast member will need to know how many people are in your party so you can be placed in the correct spot. To save the cast member and yourself some time, when you get to the front hold up on your hand how many people are with you.

Don’t: Have someone save your place in line and then cut everyone to reach them

There is probably nothing more annoying than patiently waiting in line and watching someone cut their way in front of you to get with the rest of their party. Stick together and wait your turn.

Do: Take lots of pictures and smile big

These will be some of the best memories you will ever have; savor each moment!

Don’t: Instagram live the entire ride 

This applies to Snapchat and Facebook story. Trust me, you will enjoy the ride more if you aren’t looking at it through a phone, and you will be less likely to drop your phone as well.

Do: Get a spot early for the parades and fireworks 

If you want to enjoy the show, you’ll need to get there early to get a good spot. Note: If you aren’t sitting right at the curb, you will be asked to stand when the parade starts.

Don’t: Complain about the parade if you are not watching it

I know it might be inconvenient for you to try to make your way across the park when the parade is going on, but try not to complain. Instead, enjoy the little bit you can catch of it!

Do: Disneybound or wear all your Disney merch

All the days you are not in Disney you can wear your boring clothes, but when you are in the park go all out. It’s the perfect time to show everyone what a huge Disney fan you are.

Don’t: Dress inappropriately (male and female!) 

Men, no one wants to see your butt or your shirt of a naked woman. Women, a bra is not a shirt. Please remember there are lots of children in the parks and be courteous to them.

Do: Wear matching couple shirts

Disney has a lot of cute ones (my personal favorites are the Han Solo and Leia ones or the “I’ll be your Minnie and Mickey” shirts) or you can find even more online.

Don’t: Make out on a ride

I know you might think it’s dark inside Pirates of the Caribbean, but everyone else can see and hear you. Don’t ruin the experience for them.

Do: Wear comfy shoes 

Even if they aren’t the most stylish, you will be happy you did at the end of the day. I also like to bring two or three pairs, which make it a lot easier on my feet. My favorite sneakers are ones with memory foam on the bottoms.

Don’t: Wear flip flops or heels

They might be cute, but take it from my boyfriend, flip flops will rub. He was adamant that his flip flops would be fine to wear, and it did not end up going so well for him.

Do: Converse with cast members and say thank you

Cast members are so helpful and kind. It is always fun to get to know them and hear how they ended up working for Disney. They also appreciate a warm hello and thank you.

Don’t: Yell at them during parades or other stressful times, or at all really. 

They are doing their job and are the people who make it possible for parades, fireworks, and exiting the park to happen every single night. Cast members are experts, and they are making sure everyone stays safe. Please keep this in mind when you feel yourself getting impatient.

Here are my Do’s and Dont’s of Disney! I hope these help make your trip as magical as it possibly can be.




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