10 sweet treats for your Disney days

The pretzel. The churro. The turkey leg.

These three snacks are a signature item of any seasoned Disney-goers vacation, and everyone has their opinion on which one is the best. But in Disneyland, there are so many other yummy treats to nibble on as well. You might even find a new favorite!

1. Maurice’s twists


Mosey over to Maurice’s Treats in Fantasyland where you can order a garlic, strawberry, or chocolate pastry twist with dipping sauces!

2. Gibson Girl Ice Cream Sundaes

Dole Whip will always and forever be my favorite Disney treat, but if you have a hankering for some ice cream go big or go home with at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.

3. Milk and Hunny Funnel Cake

A treat approved by Winnie the Pooh himself, try a spin on the traditional funnel cake at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. (Note: there is also a churro funnel cake!)

4. A candy apple 


These are far from poisonous and are much more delicious than any normal caramel apple! Look for them in Pooh Corner and Trolley Treats in California Adventure.

5. Cream cheese-filled pretzel


The Mickey Mouse pretzels take the cake for being the most adorable pretzel, but the cream cheese-filled pretzels are by far the tastiest. (If you like spicy food, you might enjoy the jalapeño cheese-filled pretzel.) Look for these at the Coca Cola Refreshment Corner next to the Jolly Holliday Bakery Café.

6. Gaston’s Famous Brew

I am absolutely in love with this non-alcoholic, sugary, sweet drink. Jordan and I discovered this punch blend this summer at the Red Rose Tavern, and it was gone in about five minutes. Oops.

7. Tigger Tails


Another adorable treat made of marshmallows and sugar that is often found alongside candy apples.

8. Schmoozies 


I know I have probably talked about this drink before, but it is just that amazing. It is far superior to any coffee or smoothie or ice cream you can get anywhere else. You can find them located in California Adventure in Hollywood Land.

9. Jolly Rodger Tea

I prefer the Jolly Rodger Tea over the Mint Julep, but that may be because I am not a big fan of mint. Also, the tea has a pirate name, so I have to love it. Both of these drinks can be found at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.

10. Mickey-shaped beignets or blackberry beignets


Beignets are perhaps the best-baked good on the face of the earth, and when they’re in Disneyland they are just that much better. I first tried the beignets at the New Orleans Café. We were celebrating my birthday, so they gave me a complimentary beignet with a candle on it. This was the beginning of my love! If you aren’t eating at the restaurant, you can also buy them at the Mint Julep Bar as well.

Did I miss any of your favorite Disney treats? Let me know!


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