Why things are named what they’re named in California Adventure

Buena Vista Street? Hyperion Theatre? Who decided the names of the iconic places in California Adventure and what is their significance? It turns out the names of different landmarks in the park were not chosen at random. Many of these places are named after historical and important moments in Walt Disney’s journey to success. Here are some brief fun facts about four places you will see on your trip to California Adventure.

1. Buena Vista Street


Buena Vista Street, located at the entrance to California Adventure, is a famous street to Disney fans. After Walt’s company got too big for their humble studio in Los Angeles, they found a home in Burbank, California at 500 S Buena Vista Street.

2. Carthay Circle


Before there was a famous, classy restaurant, there was a famous, classy theatre. It was at the Carthay Circle Theatre where Snow White premiered and where the pioneering sound system for Fantasia was installed.

3. Hyperion Theater


What seems like an odd name choice for the theater that has housed the beloved Aladdin play and now shows a Frozen production, actually is a deliberate choice to commemorate the beginnings of the Walt Disney Studios. Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney, had their first real studio space on Hyperion Avenue in L.A. It was here where many classic Disney films and cartoons were made including Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. They stayed at Hyperion until around 1940 when they outgrew their space on Hyperion and moved to Burbank.

4. Silly Symphony Swings


The Silly Symphony cartoons were just about as famous as the Mickey Mouse cartoons. Walt Disney aired these cartoons with Mickey Mouse to avoid burning out the Mouse cartoons as he had with the Alice Comedies. The first was The Skeleton Dance.

Now when you walk the streets of California Adventure and look at the amazing buildings and attractions, I hope you think of Walt and how many of these places pay tribute to the hard work and effort he put in to create the magic that is Disney.

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