My magical Disney mugs

I don’t know why but I am completely obsessed with mugs, and I know many college-aged females who feel the same way. They are much cuter than cups and more practical! You can use them for water, tea, hot cocoa, coffee, pencil holders, to put flowers in, etc. Their potential is really limitless.

I am also convinced that when I officially have my own house I will not own any regular cups; I will only have mugs. Anyways, I thought you might be interested in seeing a few of my favorite mugs in my Disney collection (although I have many more!)

1. You Are Here California Adventure


When I went to Disneyland this summer, I was determined to get the You Are Here collection Disneyland mug. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that California Adventure also has a You Are Here mug. My plan was to wait until the last day when we were leaving the park to get the mugs so there would be a smaller chance of breaking them. On our last day, we spent most of our time in Disneyland but my family wanted to ride California Screamin’ one last time, and I wanted to get my mug. We hurried over to California Adventure and my family headed to the roller coaster and I headed to the Starbucks. To my utter disappointment, they had run out of California Adventure mugs. When my boyfriend and family got off the ride, they asked me where my mug was, so I told them my tale of woe. Well, Jordan, being the amazing boyfriend he is, ran with my mom to the Starbucks where they hunted around until Jordan found the last mug! All of that to say, I got my California Adventure mug!

2. You Are Here Disneyland 


There were plenty of the Disneyland mugs left thankfully so acquiring this adorable mug was much less eventful. But I absolutely love the pink and blue colors on this mug with the fireworks in the sky. Somehow even a mug can be magical.

3. Baymax

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I am in love with Baymax, so when I saw this mug I knew it needed to be in my collection. As you drink your coffee and the liquid goes down, a new little face is revealed on the inside. It starts at angry and ends on happy because you should be much better once you finish your coffee or tea!

4. Mickey Mouse 


This is one of my most used mugs. I love the animation drawings of Mickey Mouse on it and the shape of the mug is perfect for drinking out of.

5. Eeyore 


Eeyore is by far my favorite Disney character, and so I had to get this purple Eeyore mug with Eeyore quotes and rain clouds. It was just too perfect.

6. Vintage Disneyland


My friends and I stumbled across this mug at an antique store, and I was so happy we did! Not only is this mug great for any type of beverage, it is the perfect size for a can of soup, which makes me really happy. Also, doesn’t my little “Up” tea infuser go perfectly with it?

7. Dapper Mickey 


Okay, I know I am cheating because this is a cup but it was too adorable to not include! One of my best friends got me this vintage cup for Christmas one year. Mickey looks so dapper, and on the back Minnie and Mickey are together looking very cute and vintage.

Bonus mugs:

Since I am away from my full mug collection, there are two mugs I was not able to take pictures of but I had to let you know where to buy them in case you are as enamored with them as I am.

The first is a Winnie the Pooh tea kettle/mug that another one of my best friends got me for Christmas.

The second is an Eeyore tsum tsum mug. The chubbiness is real.

Let’s see your mug collection! Post a picture of your favorite Disney mug in the comments.

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