A happy birthday post: My favorite Disney moments Jordan

Today my boyfriend, Jordan, turns 21! I am so thankful that I get to celebrate the wonderful life he has lived and the person he is. But I am also thankful that he loves Disneyland as much as I do. Three years ago, my family and I took Jordan to Disneyland with us, and, at first, he was skeptical. Before we were dating, he told me he thought that Disneyland was overrated. (Never mind the fact that he had not been since he was little!) He questioned why we needed to spend five days at Disneyland and was more excited to spend time with me than in the parks. (Which is cute, but I mean, it’s Disneyland. Be excited!)

Anyways, despite his initial skepticism, when we got to Disneyland, it was like he had morphed into a five-year-old boy again and was giddy with excitement. He was won over by the magic of the parks, and he no longer thinks Disneyland is overrated. Jordan loves Disneyland so much now that he wants to go back twice in one year.

To celebrate Jordan’s 21st birthday, I want to reminisce on some of our favorite Disney memories together!

1. When Jordan bought the Lego Death Star


What Jordan was most excited about leading up to our first Disneyland trip together, was the prospect of buying the 4,000 and something piece Lego Death Star. The first day in Anaheim, we walked around Downtown Disney, and when we got to the Lego store, Jordan rushed inside. When he walked back out, he was carrying a giant yellow Lego bag and wearing a huge smile.

2. When we discovered Schmoozies


I think I use this picture a lot, but I don’t care because I love it so much. I had never thought about trying Schmoozies before I went to Disneyland with Jordan, but once I did my life was changed. This ice cream, smoothie, coffee is to die for, and we splurged on it multiple times.

3. Using our Magic Morning


I don’t know if you can see the bags under our eyes, but my family had decided to try to wake up early to use our Magic Morning, but only Jordan and I actually succeeded in getting up early enough. We grabbed coffee and rode about seven rides within the hour of Magic Morning! It was one of my favorite Disney mornings.

4. Going with our friends and family




Jordan and I have had the amazing privilege of getting to go to Disneyland not only with my family but also his sister and cousin and a few of my friends! Disney is an experience that is better when you share it with others.

5. Waving goodbye to Minnie and Mickey


As we were heading out of the park on our last night in Disneyland with tears behind our eyes and heaviness in our hearts, Jordan excitedly pointed up to the train station where Mickey and Minnie were standing waving to everyone leaving the park. It was like they had come just for us, and it was so magical.

Happy Birthday, Jordan! I hope it’s as magical as the times we’ve had in Disneyland.

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