A Haunted Mansion Halloween Poem

Happy haunts gather at the witching hour

Inside the mansion by the river

They giggle and babble waiting for when there is only the green glow of the exit sign,

Then the last foolish mortal leaves and the halls are finally still

Inside the mansion by New Orleans Square

Gus, Ezra and Phineas return from their hitchhiking adventures

The last mortals have left and the doom buggies are stopped

so the quintet marble busts change their tune

Gus, Ezra and Phineas and the other spirits, await the appearance of the ghostly narrator

He shows himself only once a year, on this sole occasion

The singing statues begin their eerie rendition of “Trick or Treat”

Languidly the host makes his spectral descent

This special annual occasion by the leading ghoul

means this Haunted Mansion’s favorite day has arrived

He finishes his ethereal decline and a snap of his fingers, a shriek from the murderous bride

and the floating instruments fill the place as music accompanies the quintet

The mansion’s residents celebrate their special day

With dancing and spooking and the amazing organist who never ceases to play

With floating instruments, singing and hallowed shrill screams

And the chaotic musical mess somehow is still enrapturing

The musical mess the materialized, socializing ghosts enjoy

Is waltzed to in halls lacking even a candle light

Spooking and scaring and a chorus of “boo” amuses the pale face floating in a crystal ball

Even those stuck in coffins and trapped knocking on doors are released from their tombs

The happy haunts keep haunting until the creak of the stretching room and a whisper from the hanging skeleton says Halloween has ended

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