Welcome to The Red Bow Chronicle! My name is Ashlyn, and I am a current undergrad majoring in journalism and political science. Besides Disney, I love the San Francisco Giants, playing basketball, California, warm drinks, rain drops and cozy sweaters. I also have a small stuffed animal obsession. . .

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I’ve been dating my wonderful, nerdy boyfriend who writes for the Star Wars section of The Red Blow Chronicle for three years. He’s an amazing graphic designer with a passion for teaching and spending time with people. Besides being a huge Star Wars nerd, he’s also a major DC Comics fan and has definitely converted me as well.


My family is just as big of Disney fans as I am – it’s really where my obsession started. In fact, last year my dad was the coolest dad ever and actually wanted to go to Disneyland on Father’s Day. We’re also the crazy family who squeezed a Disney trip in the middle of a softball tournament. Basically, my family is the best.


So that’s just a little bit about me, but I would love to hear from you! I am always looking for guest bloggers and would love to hear more about who my readers are as well!

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