Welcome to The Red Bow Chronicle! My name is Ashlyn, and I am a college student about to start my graduate education at Stanford! Besides Disney, I love California, the San Francisco Giants, warm drinks, rain drops and cozy sweaters. I also have a “small” stuffed animal obsession. . .



I’ve been dating my wonderful, nerdy boyfriend for four years. He’s an amazing videographer and graphic designer with a passion for spending time with people. Besides being the biggest Star Wars fan on the earth, he’s also is a loyal DC Comics follower and has converted me as well.


My family loves Disney almost as much as I do; they are really to blame for my obsession. For example, we’re the crazy family who squeezed a Disney trip in the middle of a softball tournament. Basically, my family is the best.


So that is a little bit about me, but I would love to hear from you! I am always looking for guest bloggers and would love to hear more about who my readers are as well!

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